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Open Letter to the TPP decision-makers

By InternetNZ, 22 November 2013

To the government representatives responsible for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP): Text from the TPP Intellectual Property Rights chapter recently released by Wikileaks confirms the Fair Deal Coalition’s fears that the TPP would indeed limit the open Internet, access to knowledge, economic opportunity and fundamental rights, if a number of proposed copyright provisions were agreed…

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InternetNZ: The Importance of Copyright Exceptions in the TPP

By InternetNZ, 11 September 2012

This week, New Zealand, the US and seven other countries are discussing how copyright exceptions fit into the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP). ‘Copyright exceptions’ are instances where the law does not punish copying. In law, you have the rule, and then you have the exception to the rule. The rules in copyright law have,…

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InternetNZ: Temporary copies and the Internet

By InternetNZ, 11 July 2012

  InternetNZ (Internet New Zealand Inc.) is the non-profit open membership organisation dedicated to protecting and promoting the Internet in New Zealand and fostering a coordinated, cooperative approach to its ongoing development. The  Trans Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) could force change to New Zealand copyright law that would affect the Internet and its intermediaries, which…

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